Art + Climate Action is a San Francisco Bay Area collective dedicated to building a sustainable art world. A+CA unites museums, galleries, non-profit arts spaces, studios, art advisors, and arts patrons to better understand our sector’s climate impacts and create the environmentally conscious arts community we need. 

We provide CO2 emissions assessments and customized climate action plans at no cost to Bay Area arts organizations. 

Past and Present Organizing Members: Chris Bell, Devon Bella, Tiffany Bozic, Linda Gass, Chris Kerr, Cait Malloy, Haley Mellin, Micki Meng, Sammy Owen, Daphne Palmer, Jodi Roberts, Claudia Schmuckli, Kelsey Shell, Danielle Siembieda, Svea Lin Soll

Global Partners: A+CA is a founding member of Partners for Arts Climate Targets (PACT), an international coalition of visual arts organizations accelerating the sector’s broad adoption of collective climate action.


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A+CA is fiscally sponsored by Art into Acres, an environmental and art initiative based in the USA. Art into Acres focuses on large-scale land conservation as supported by the arts community. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under law.

A+CA was cofounded by Devon Bella, Haley Mellin, Micki Meng, Sammy Owen, Jodi Roberts,

Claudia Schmuckli, and Kelsey Shell. ​