Art + Climate Action (ACA) is a California-based collective that unites nonprofit arts spaces, commercial endeavors, and arts workers in building a sustainable art world.


Our initiative began in fall 2020 as the Bay Area struggled under haunting orange skies and toxic smoke from nearby wildfires. In response to a call from ACA cofounder Micki Meng asking, “What is the art world doing in the face of this crisis?” a group of locally based curators, artists, gallery owners, art advisors, and art workers organized to advocate for sustainable practices within our institutions and to raise the profile of climate-conscious communities.


ACA was cofounded by Devon Bella, Haley Mellin, Micki Meng, Sammy Owen, Daphne Palmer, Jodi Roberts, Claudia Schmuckli, and Kelsey Shell. It is fiscally sponsored by Art into Acres, an artist-founded, 501c3 non-profit, environmental and art initiative based in California focusing on large-scale land conservation for climate, Indigenous peoples, and biodiversity support.

Local Initiatives

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we help colleagues in local museums, nonprofit arts spaces, artist studios, and galleries shift to sustainable practices. Presently, we are working with ten major arts organizations and welcome collaboration with all arts-focused groups in the region, large or small. In 2022 ACA and its partners will devise customized, detailed action plans to reduce each organization’s climate impact. 

Global Partners

ACA is a founding member of the Partners for Arts Climate Targets, an international coalition of organizations within the visual arts engaged in collaborative efforts to accelerate the sector’s broad adoption of collective climate action. To learn more about the organizations united in our efforts to build a more sustainable art world, visit:  Art to Acres, Art / Switch, Art to Zero, Artists Commit, Galleries Commit, Gallery Climate Coalition, and Ki Culture.


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