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MEASURE + CUT EMISSIONS: the most critical action for keeping the global temperature rise under 2 degrees celsius. 

> A+CA Carbon Emissions Report  

At no cost to you, Art + Climate Action will help your team measure CO2 emissions stemming from day-to-day practices and operations. We will outline the most impactful steps you can take to reduce emissions and point you to resources from city and state governments, foundations, and non-profit organizations to help you make meaningful change. Contact us to get started.

> GCC Carbon Calculator

Prefer to measure emissions on your own? The Galley Climate Coalition Carbon Calculator is a free tool that calculates the carbon footprint of an organization based on metrics common to most art galleries. 

> Strategic Climate Funds

How do you address CO2 emissions you can’t eliminate? We recommend a Strategic Climate Fund contribution. The Gallery Climate Coalition has vetted a range of fund options that support urgently needed and effective climate campaigns. Read more here.

> Energy Ki Book

Ki Culture’s Energy Book details a wide range of easy-to-implement actions that will reduce energy use in your galleries and offices.

ELIMINATE WASTE: minimizing consumption and ending waste to landfills protect ecosystems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

> STiCH Carbon Calculator 

The Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage (STiCH) Carbon Calculator publishes emissions information for materials frequently used in making, caring for, and installing art.

> Alternative Crate Options

Use eco-crate options like Rok-box, Earth Crate, or Turtle Crates or source second-life crates from Green Crates or


This peer-to-peer resource-sharing tool for the art world enables arts organizations to share items like crates, stretchers, AV equipment, and more. You can also post your items to sell, lend, or give away to save space.
Set up your own account or sign up for the Art + Climate Action BARDER circle here

> Waste & Materials Ki Book

Ki Culture's resource outlines alternatives to fossil-fuel-derived materials commonly used in the art sector and suggests ways cultural institutions can follow the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle.

COLLABORATE + AMPLIFY: advocate for climate consciousness at work by talking to your colleagues, expressing your priorities, and welcoming new ideas. Collective action magnifies our efforts. 

> Helen Mirra Exhibition Rider

Specify sustainability commitments, actions, and incentives for your gallery and curatorial partners when preparing for an exhibition. California-based artist Helen Mirra's rider outlines a set of principles and best practices that address climate change, plastic waste, and the treatment of nonhuman living beings.

Climate Action Database

A collaborative effort between Artists Commit, Galleries Commit, and PACT members, the Climate Action Database is a growing collection of research, sustainability plans, and action ideas from climate-conscious galleries, museums, and arts organizations around the world. Submit entries here.

> Climate Impact Report Checklist

Artists Commit's Climate Impact Report checklist lays out a range of steps you can take to ensure team members are adequately supported in prioritizing sustainability both inside and outside of work.

> Partners for Art Climate Targets

Join one (or more!) of the initiatives united as Partners for Arts Climate Targets (PACT): Art to Acres, Art / Switch, Art to Zero, Artists Commit, Galleries Commit, Gallery Climate Coalition, and Ki Culture.  

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