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START HERE. The following are key resources for getting started and joining our efforts:

Art To Zero - Get Started - A primer on conversations surrounding visual arts and climate, this guide covers climate terminology, action goals, first steps, and additional resources.

Gallery Climate Coalition's Carbon Calculator - Online tool to estimate the carbon footprint of an organization based on metrics common to most art galleries. Art + Climate Action uses this in our carbon audits. GCC also recommends Strategic Climate Funds as a way to take responsibility for the greenhouse gases galleries or institutions do emit. See also: GCC's additional resources and effective actions guide. 

Ki Culture's Ki Books - Step-by-step guides for sustainable changes regarding waste and materials, energy, and social sustainability. Contact us if you're interested in access to Ki Futures.

Helen Mirra Exhibition Rider - An example of specific commitments, actions, and incentives galleries can undertake for exhibitions. Mentioned in this article on challenging the art world's material waste. For more examples of specific exhibitions accounting for climate impact, as well as instructions on how to create a climate impact report for an exhibition, see Artists Commit's Climate Impact Reports.

STICH Carbon Calculator - This calculator compares the carbon footprint between materials, allowing the user to select materials with less environmental impact for use in their work., a resource sharing tool for the art world, also enables both artists and galleries to reduce their waste by reusing and rehoming materials. Sign up for the Art + Climate Action Barder circle here (beta).

DIVE DEEPER. A collaborative effort between Artists Commit, Galleries Commit, and PACT members, the Climate Action Database is a growing collection of resources, actions, and plans pertaining to the world of art and sustainability. Submit entries here.

STAY UP-TO-DATE. The following portals and mailing lists are recommended for keeping informed about climate news:

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