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MEASURE: Eliminating greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions is imperative if we’re to keep global temperature rise as close to 1.5 degrees celsius as possible. In line with Paris Accord targets, we call on the art sector to cut ghg emissions by 50% by 2030. Reducing emissions requires first measuring the impact of our routine activities. 


8 Action Ideas:

  • Learn about emissions by attending our Understanding Emissions Workshop on February 3, 2023 at 9:30am/12:30pm

  • Calculate your organization’s total annual emissions for 2023 or for a prior year, like 2019 or 2022, to set a benchmark 

  • Calculate emissions from energy use in your building in 2023 (hint: all you need is your utility bills) 

  • Calculate emissions from exhibitions, fairs, or on another project-specific basis in 2023

  • Calculate emissions from all flights the gallery pays for in 2023

  • Calculate emissions from shipping/freight in 2023

  • Establish carbon reduction targets once you have a benchmark calculation

  • Make a Strategic Climate Fund contribution



  • Learn more about greenhouse gas emissions here 

  • Gallery Climate Coalition Carbon Calculator

  • Partner with Art + Climate Action, Art to Zero, or Art to Acres to analyze emissions at your gallery

  • GCC 10-Step Decarbonization Plan

  • Artists Commit Understanding Emissions One-Pager

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