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Art + Climate Action was born out of a shared passion for preserving our planet and leveraging the power of art to drive positive change. Our goal: unite Bay Area artists, studios, galleries, museums, and cultural institutions on the most critical issue of our time—preventing the climate catastrophe and achieving a just transition.  

Our Progress: We’ve reached remarkable milestones over the last few years—from monthly educational programs with climate specialists and regular newsletters on sustainability information to free carbon calculation reports with major museums. We’ve raised awareness of the solutions taking shape within the arts and established a network of climate-conscious workers equipped with dependable and effective resources.

Vision for the Future: We are determined to deepen our impact and expand our reach across the nine Bay Area counties. With your support, we will increase organizational capacity, initiate more ambitious programs in collaboration with artists, and continue to advocate for sustainable arts operations and practices. Together, we can amplify A+CA’s efforts and drive meaningful change.

We Need Your Support: Help us continue to offer these services and provide programs free of charge. By making a tax-deductible donation today, you will directly contribute to the creation of a sustainable tomorrow for the Bay Area art sector and beyond. Every contribution, no matter its size, plays a crucial role in advancing our mission. Be part of the change and donate now.

Partner with Us: If you can match donations, or represent a business or organization that can consider becoming a partner. Your partnership will help us reach our fundraising goals and showcase your commitment to a sustainable Bay Area art world.


Share with Friends: Please help us reach a broader audience by sharing our initiative with friends, family and colleagues. Social media, emails, and word of mouth all play a vital role in amplifying our impact.


Calling All Arts Workers: Art + Climate Action's events and workshops are free and open to all. Subscribe to our regular newsletter, attend monthly community meetings, and start engaging with the A+CA network. Together, we can amplify A+CA’s efforts and drive meaningful change.

For questions about donations, partnerships, and programs, please contact Devon Bella, Director at

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